Tuesday, 15 November 2016

kiwi report

Hi guys to day I will be showing you my kiwi report here

  Kiwi report

Kiwi is a flightless bird native to NZ it is the size of a domestic chicken and its lifespan is 20 -30 years.  Here are some fact that will interest you.

Kiwi eat bugs such as spiders, sandhoppers and Mozzies are its predators  are : cats, possums, stoats, dogs, ferret, rat and weasel. The biggest predator the kiwi has to watch out for is cats.                                                             
The kiwi  is native bird to NZ and the brown kiwi has an estimated population 25,000 and little spotted kiwi  the littlest kiwi  estimated population 1,500 is native to north island and the Rowi are the most endangered with an estimated population of 250, Haast Tokoeka has an estimated population of 300 north and south fiordland  the north 10,000 south 4500 steward island kiwi with an estimated population 20,000, great spotted kiwi estimated population 16,000 , tokoeka  is native to south island.
                                   The Look.
The kiwi is the size of a domestic chicken and it is the only bird that has nostrils at the end of it’s beak. It has 4 types of kiwi : North Island Brown Kiwi, Great Spotted Kiwi Okarito Brown Kiwi, North and Southern Tokoeka. The wings are 2.5 centimeters the kiwi do not has have specialist tail bones instead their tail  vibrates.

Kiwis have a habit of pecking the ground to find their food which is grub, pupae, adult beetle, and spiders and (see more at the prey). Kiwis are shy and timid by nature and prefer to stay away from humans. The kiwis mating season is from march to June    

                     Life cycle.

 Life cycle where you find out how the kiwi and many more animals and bugs and even humans.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Hi guys today I will be showing you my sketching art. It has been my favorite art type I have done

It was pretty cool. One of  techniques  you use was : using the side of my pencil not the front (of the tip of it)
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Friday, 4 November 2016

pe post

HI guys today I will be telling you what PE stuff I have doing this term so far. My favorite thing has been the ballgame. It isn't the exact name, it is a 4 player  +to about 15 people. It's when you throw ball and then the other person has a go. Their goal is to beat the other person's throw and you keep on going until it is impossible to bet and you start a now round  but you might want to practice so the round is longer.

When you throw you must have the ball in your right hand for the best throw and your left foot in front  and hope you get a good throw . here is a video

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Literacy: Minecraft Story

HI again. Today I will show you my new update on literacy. My recent literacy my Minecraft story. Here it is.

AS me Joe max and Alix sporn with no buildings let's get some wood (just so you no were they sbon.
here's a photo)
Image result for `minecraft forest
Let’s get some wood said max great ider I said what tiep. light said max year said joe ok...Hay alix interrupted what about me you never said anything I said well that figures said alix.Hurry up you guys sone we will be mining at night all because of you guys now get mining wood I said angrily ok everyone said  they mind wood as I said angrily ok everyone said  they mind wood as it went dark we had anaf  wood to make a dream house.

 But all we need is a house we meet where we stand and build a house and live there gast then a creeper explodes boom!!!! Neely killing joe. me, mac  and axle were lakey then i got shot with a arrow awch  I said (we had pizisins me and joe defend the builder's max and axle built joe had to swop joe to joe taking damage from a creeper meanwhile i dealt with that sgaley ( sort for sglatin ).

I disrod him but  I ran into more trabil a creeper was chasing me! Alexs riplast  joe mad the  creeper go after him i helped the builders it had been  5 minutes. 1 minute later the house was finished the house looked like this. Pretty sipill and it was night we ran into the house.  

Image result for minecraft village houses
Wall that was loakey  said mac let” calibrate now that we have a house .the next day we went to mine some stone with my wooden pickaxe I made last night with sticks and wood, and we replaced some stone with wood to be continued.
it isint finist agen  and here is my plan My Narrative Plan


Image result for `minecraft forest

Image result for minecraft village houses
Main Character: finley
Other Characters: alxe,
Jow, max,
Problem: keep on getting attacked
Resolution: they sborn in a forest with no house  
Details: i am going to bas t-
He wold minecraft

Personality / Actions:no vilins aros in sid skin but no blad punching

Personality / Actions: aros in sid skin but no blad punching

Events: going to mines, house finis, calibrat find dimis, calibrat find emerald
Ending: destroy spawners  
Difet wither and enderdragon c
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