Wednesday, 28 June 2017

lernig post 2

hi again  im here to  show you my secind lerning blog post about reding now be warned it was about a munke that is vere fat interdosing the famis ucol fat  \

Why are Thailand’s macaques a big tourist draw? Because they cyut but one of them  is fat

Why is it not good for the monkeys to become dependent on humans for food? Because the food they give uncle fat are unhealthy  

What would you do to help the macaques in Thailand live a healthier life? I would Throw fruit and vegetables  

What would you do help humans live a healthier life? Eat manley fruit and vegetables  
here is a potow


  1. WOW Finley that is good describing I really like this blog post

  2. YAY! and WOW!,I writed "YAY!" because you writed "thailand",it is where I live.I like the photo of a "Potow" it looks fat or pregnant.And do you know what?,Thailand does need a healthier life! But I can't really read the text because the font size is too small for me to read.But well done Finley,you have earn your pride and personal best.