Friday, 28 October 2016


HI guys today I will sow you my story i started it with a story starter i'm sorry that I can't show you it but I can show you my continued story from the story starter  here it is        Crash aha! that is what i crash into a fence. that is why he is in hospital. but what happened to my dog did he die  or did he get captured and slaughtered by the bakin warped cats? A nurse came in ners said ners do you know what happened to my dog the nurse said no sadly 4 days later Niko went to the crash site and found his dog lying on the ground.  

So he took him to the vet and got bad  news his dog had no cure  but there was island but it was far away and the veter said there is a cure on that island but it is guarded by monsters  and evil zombies.
Looks like I need a army or a group said Niko.

 Well we will give you a group said the vet.. OK said Neko the group will have guns 1 will have a heavy a heavy gun 1 will be a engineer 3 will have AK- 47s 1 will have a sniper and last but not least  4 have plasma gun (were in great technological stuff just so you now).

Now what ship definitely not a pirate ship maybe a landing craft  yes neco said yes we will leave at dawn the next morning we neco left and sins we silent on to the island they didn't no we were coming but neco group was spotted no wan dyed but an injury happened on a AK person but he said he was fine so we continued ow journey and fund were it was and grabbed it but then they heard  that the island was sinking they ran as fast as they could to the landing craft and just as the island was about to sink they got on and went to the vet and save necos dog and lived  happily ever after.