Thursday, 28 July 2016

wanaka trip pate 1

hi guys time to see my wanaka trip pate 1    Chapter 1 part 1

Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about my down south trip chapter by
chapter. The first thing we did  was

Start packing

When we were  packing I was wondering where were we going  to stay. Would we have enough petrol? In 4 hours I would find out.


4 hours later we were in wellington my mum told me that we were going to upper has top 10 1 minute later we  find a brig  to the top 10 but it was blocked  by a rail so we rang and they seed that the brig  was closed and also told as that there was a another way and when we went that way 2 sins seed brig way was closed I wasn't impressed  2 minis later. We were told we were cabin number 53[or 54 otherwise in the 50 s. the next 5:00am my mum woke me up we had McDonald's for breakfast and eating it in car.  today we are going on the


When we got onto  fiery[ which is a boat ] we found a set and settled  in 1 hour later  we could see nothing but water and were allowed to play on the playground 2 hours later i was still playing on the  playground when my mum came and said i need you to came back to where we were sitting 5 minutes later  we  were at


When we hop off the fiery we got something to eat and played on a playground 10 minis later we had to go to

 The baby seals

In the middle of the Drive we stopped at a place called ohau stream and they were so cute to be continued                 


  1. awesome Finley good jod keep it up.

  2. Nice work Finley, I love your post, I think that you did awesome writing very detailed and was very creativie, keep up the awesome work!