Wednesday, 28 June 2017

lernig post 1

hi there sorey it has taken so long to get a post on my blog but anyway in here to show you my first learning post 1 about  the day the bully stopped  so here you go

 I was playing on the playground. I was new to this school in search for friends when 3 big boys come up and pushes me into mud hey I say ow sobey they say that is just rude they walk off. what are you doing!? Yells mrs dave. I got pushed I say well I suppose I will believe you are a great child i'll take you to the office and get speer uniform the next day I wine I don't want to go to school why asks my mum. because there are bullies at that school.

Yes but there are bullies at eney school maybe you could arsc your friends for help ...but I have no freds at that school I yell. What about benji my mum says and jack and ben yere I would have to choose one of them because they are no friends maybe ben and jack and ben mit work together orit i'll ask jack .Good boy go get ready for school I arrive at school hoping for a much better day at school. I run to class hoping to avoid the boys  looks like I avoid them at morning tea I run to jack and he looks like he's met some people.
Hello Jackey ( I nikenameed him that ) hello finney (and he nicknamed me that) wats up could you help me I need you to help me a with few bullies ow great jack says I think that you're dealing with to same bullies I have problems with so this guys agreed to help we'll sins were dealing with the same bullys i’m playing with you. Were going to stop those bullies! We ran to the field .he was bulley another new person hey you stop bullying that kid we get there atesin the kid runs away. Ow hi the bullies say rodley you guys need to find some risped we say and you need to stop being so dome the bullies say speak for yourself we say yer yer the bullies say you can toke all you like but we're not listening.

No one will want to play with you if you keep being mene so ... one of the bullies says but I interrupted your Just a dumb bullies the only resin you're playing together Is because your brothers! I yell you need to apologise for what you dun. The bullies are speechless evin my friends are all  speechless all rit they say we will apologise was the bell rings well that is the end of that.             

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