Thursday, 8 December 2016

minecraft story part 2

Hi guys to day i will show you my minecraft  story part 2  here it is

OK now that we have a house let's start finding a mine I say . mac says we need some tools. O  year I say I forgot let's create a stone pickaxe and sword. Hmmmm says Alex were going to need more stone and … food  interrupts Joe just as Joe's tummy rumbles looks like that pig is ow first victim I say.

How we don’t have a sword says Joe. I will need too yous my pickaxe I say  10 seconds later  the pore pig had died .now I say can we go get some stone. OK said Joe but were is stone. Alex says by the look of things the only stone around here is over at that mountain. quite soon they did'int find a mountain but they did find a creeper run for it I shout it didint take that long to l later we lost the creeper .

That did'int hop now we are at home said mac. that is good I say because now I no a sort cut
let talk in the house it is nearly night says . OK I say then of all suddenly when I was working to the door a arrow hit me in the back ouch I say . I look behind me and see a skeleton shooting at me .Just as another arrow was about to hit me I ran inside .

The next day we start getting ready for the long journey 1 minute later where ready for the journey to the mountain. lets go says mac as we run I notice some coll. guys I shout hes some coll and a small hill of stone lets get mining says mac . while I was mining I notice a purple thing in the air guys I say I think I see a Enderman then lets get out of here !!!!

to be continued.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

kiwi report

Hi guys to day I will be showing you my kiwi report here

  Kiwi report

Kiwi is a flightless bird native to NZ it is the size of a domestic chicken and its lifespan is 20 -30 years.  Here are some fact that will interest you.

Kiwi eat bugs such as spiders, sandhoppers and Mozzies are its predators  are : cats, possums, stoats, dogs, ferret, rat and weasel. The biggest predator the kiwi has to watch out for is cats.                                                             
The kiwi  is native bird to NZ and the brown kiwi has an estimated population 25,000 and little spotted kiwi  the littlest kiwi  estimated population 1,500 is native to north island and the Rowi are the most endangered with an estimated population of 250, Haast Tokoeka has an estimated population of 300 north and south fiordland  the north 10,000 south 4500 steward island kiwi with an estimated population 20,000, great spotted kiwi estimated population 16,000 , tokoeka  is native to south island.
                                   The Look.
The kiwi is the size of a domestic chicken and it is the only bird that has nostrils at the end of it’s beak. It has 4 types of kiwi : North Island Brown Kiwi, Great Spotted Kiwi Okarito Brown Kiwi, North and Southern Tokoeka. The wings are 2.5 centimeters the kiwi do not has have specialist tail bones instead their tail  vibrates.

Kiwis have a habit of pecking the ground to find their food which is grub, pupae, adult beetle, and spiders and (see more at the prey). Kiwis are shy and timid by nature and prefer to stay away from humans. The kiwis mating season is from march to June    

                     Life cycle.

 Life cycle where you find out how the kiwi and many more animals and bugs and even humans.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Hi guys today I will be showing you my sketching art. It has been my favorite art type I have done

It was pretty cool. One of  techniques  you use was : using the side of my pencil not the front (of the tip of it)
Bye bye till the next blog post

Friday, 4 November 2016

pe post

HI guys today I will be telling you what PE stuff I have doing this term so far. My favorite thing has been the ballgame. It isn't the exact name, it is a 4 player  +to about 15 people. It's when you throw ball and then the other person has a go. Their goal is to beat the other person's throw and you keep on going until it is impossible to bet and you start a now round  but you might want to practice so the round is longer.

When you throw you must have the ball in your right hand for the best throw and your left foot in front  and hope you get a good throw . here is a video

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Literacy: Minecraft Story

HI again. Today I will show you my new update on literacy. My recent literacy my Minecraft story. Here it is.

AS me Joe max and Alix sporn with no buildings let's get some wood (just so you no were they sbon.
here's a photo)
Image result for `minecraft forest
Let’s get some wood said max great ider I said what tiep. light said max year said joe ok...Hay alix interrupted what about me you never said anything I said well that figures said alix.Hurry up you guys sone we will be mining at night all because of you guys now get mining wood I said angrily ok everyone said  they mind wood as I said angrily ok everyone said  they mind wood as it went dark we had anaf  wood to make a dream house.

 But all we need is a house we meet where we stand and build a house and live there gast then a creeper explodes boom!!!! Neely killing joe. me, mac  and axle were lakey then i got shot with a arrow awch  I said (we had pizisins me and joe defend the builder's max and axle built joe had to swop joe to joe taking damage from a creeper meanwhile i dealt with that sgaley ( sort for sglatin ).

I disrod him but  I ran into more trabil a creeper was chasing me! Alexs riplast  joe mad the  creeper go after him i helped the builders it had been  5 minutes. 1 minute later the house was finished the house looked like this. Pretty sipill and it was night we ran into the house.  

Image result for minecraft village houses
Wall that was loakey  said mac let” calibrate now that we have a house .the next day we went to mine some stone with my wooden pickaxe I made last night with sticks and wood, and we replaced some stone with wood to be continued.
it isint finist agen  and here is my plan My Narrative Plan


Image result for `minecraft forest

Image result for minecraft village houses
Main Character: finley
Other Characters: alxe,
Jow, max,
Problem: keep on getting attacked
Resolution: they sborn in a forest with no house  
Details: i am going to bas t-
He wold minecraft

Personality / Actions:no vilins aros in sid skin but no blad punching

Personality / Actions: aros in sid skin but no blad punching

Events: going to mines, house finis, calibrat find dimis, calibrat find emerald
Ending: destroy spawners  
Difet wither and enderdragon c
bye bye till the next blog post

Friday, 28 October 2016


HI guys today I will sow you my story i started it with a story starter i'm sorry that I can't show you it but I can show you my continued story from the story starter  here it is        Crash aha! that is what i crash into a fence. that is why he is in hospital. but what happened to my dog did he die  or did he get captured and slaughtered by the bakin warped cats? A nurse came in ners said ners do you know what happened to my dog the nurse said no sadly 4 days later Niko went to the crash site and found his dog lying on the ground.  

So he took him to the vet and got bad  news his dog had no cure  but there was island but it was far away and the veter said there is a cure on that island but it is guarded by monsters  and evil zombies.
Looks like I need a army or a group said Niko.

 Well we will give you a group said the vet.. OK said Neko the group will have guns 1 will have a heavy a heavy gun 1 will be a engineer 3 will have AK- 47s 1 will have a sniper and last but not least  4 have plasma gun (were in great technological stuff just so you now).

Now what ship definitely not a pirate ship maybe a landing craft  yes neco said yes we will leave at dawn the next morning we neco left and sins we silent on to the island they didn't no we were coming but neco group was spotted no wan dyed but an injury happened on a AK person but he said he was fine so we continued ow journey and fund were it was and grabbed it but then they heard  that the island was sinking they ran as fast as they could to the landing craft and just as the island was about to sink they got on and went to the vet and save necos dog and lived  happily ever after.    

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

pbl blog post

Hi guys today I will show you my PBL and here is the  REFLECTION

Project Topic: ancient Greece

Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)
Screenshot 2016-09-15 at 12.35.21 PM.png

Finish these starters:
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was the learning about ancient greece             because it is very interesting.and sometimes learning can be very fun  

  • The most challenging thing about my project was the last 3 slides because I didn't know what Glossary conclusion and references were.  

  • The main skill I got better at was planning I got better at it by planning what spot and wot i would do for it. 

  • Something interesting I learnt was all the learning. I now know a lot about ancient Greece.                             

  • What I would most like to change about my project is taking more notes                                 because I would have more information. 

  • I would like to do my next PBL about an Olympic stadium housing the javelin throw and running.   

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.
Planning see on page 1.
I wasn’t absorbed because I kept on getting distracted.  
I used empathy and listening when I was distracted Liske told me to stop getting distracted  and I listened and stopped getting distracted.

My video.

Friday, 16 September 2016

art blog post

Hi guys today. I will show you guys my first ever art blog post.  Today I will show you my calendar art.
And you  can even buy it.  It is  only $9.99 for  calendar art  and $4.99 for diaries $1.99 for cards and $2.99 for notepads. It is the best art you will ever see and buy 2 and get 1 free.   I am very proud and the next blog post will be my olympic project

Monday, 12 September 2016

learning blog post

Hi guys today I am going to show you my persuade writing and here it is
Now that is only my draft all I need to do is ask a few questions and after that I'm up and away I also learnt how to edit

Here is an example:  come on tom were going to the park don’t do it that way do it this way Come on tom ,we're going to the park. See the difference between the two? There's punctuation and capital letters.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

learning blog post

Hi guys today I will show you my 4th long blog post. Recently I started week 6 maths
Here is my maths week 5

1.more girls play spot than boys
2.more boys like hokey than girls
Number story

3. The most popular sport  for girls is netball
4. The most popular sport for boys is rugby
Grafe 2



The coldest day was  Wednesday
The warmest day was Thursday
The median (middle) tempurature which no temperature got to was 20 on the scale.  

And I am very happy about it took a'lot of work.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

learning blog post

Hi guys today I will tell you about my leaning I have done : recently  I finished a Workshop Prove It and I will show  you it.    I learnt how to round and compensate.

Here are some examples: 49 +45=  here are some steps: 1.find out what the first  number of the question is .
Step 2. Take 1 off the second bit you read which makes it 50+44 . step 3. Add the question it would be 94. There you go that was it that was my last blog post till my pasin progekt.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

learning blog post

Hi guys hope you guys so far have had a good term. Time to check out my second learning blog post. Just recently I did a test for maths. Here are some photos.

The test was easy. The  easiest  was the anamol one the second easiest  test  this year.

Comment warning!

Hi guys.
Just recently,  I've been struggling to get comments.
I would love it if you could comment on my blog. That is all  for you today.
Please comment!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

wanaka trip pate 1

hi guys time to see my wanaka trip pate 1    Chapter 1 part 1

Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about my down south trip chapter by
chapter. The first thing we did  was

Start packing

When we were  packing I was wondering where were we going  to stay. Would we have enough petrol? In 4 hours I would find out.


4 hours later we were in wellington my mum told me that we were going to upper has top 10 1 minute later we  find a brig  to the top 10 but it was blocked  by a rail so we rang and they seed that the brig  was closed and also told as that there was a another way and when we went that way 2 sins seed brig way was closed I wasn't impressed  2 minis later. We were told we were cabin number 53[or 54 otherwise in the 50 s. the next 5:00am my mum woke me up we had McDonald's for breakfast and eating it in car.  today we are going on the


When we got onto  fiery[ which is a boat ] we found a set and settled  in 1 hour later  we could see nothing but water and were allowed to play on the playground 2 hours later i was still playing on the  playground when my mum came and said i need you to came back to where we were sitting 5 minutes later  we  were at


When we hop off the fiery we got something to eat and played on a playground 10 minis later we had to go to

 The baby seals

In the middle of the Drive we stopped at a place called ohau stream and they were so cute to be continued                 

my holiday

Hi guys time to check out my holiday my favorite part was my cousins  coming  over and that is what I will be taking about and of cos not every one was there here are the names of my cousins : [These are my baby cousins}Zack Aidan Josh and now my older cousins Harvey Molly  and  Conner  and they all came to see Xavier a boy who died 5 years ago born on July 14th 2011 very sad but we had fun playing go home stay home and hid and seek and tag . My dad down loaded Pokemon go and our first Pokemon was a bulbasaur  and I was lucky to stay up until midnight .

Monday, 18 July 2016

Dugong facts

hi guys time for me to silo you some Dungeon facts
Today i actually don’t have a Introduction.


Dugongs are found in Australia and in the in Indian Ocean     

Dugongs are related to elephants they have short tusks. They weigh 400 kg's and also are a grayish brown color. The shape of the Dungeon tail is similar to that of a dolphin.    

Dungeons eats lots of stuff such as sea grass and marine grass, same eating habits as a cow.

Dungeon are slow moving animals ,travel alone or in pairs.

that is my last blog post until next term .

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

tip number 2

Hi again time to see another tip to help you learn

When you come across a question you can't answer like 100 + 100 + 1000 +2000 =? [ which means  you guess]. After that you use your strategies for example use skip counting.

leaning blog post

Hi again, time to check out my first learning blog post.
Just Recently I learnt how to do my 4 times tables

I learnt how to add times times tables

Here is an example:


and one from the start of the term

I learnt how to join sentences with a conjunction.

Here is an example:
Yesterday me and Tom went to the park. We had ice cream.
Instead of that use this.
Yesterday me and Tom went to park and bought Ice cream.   

that's all I have for you today next blog post is top tip number 2.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


hi guys time to cheek out my biopoem also learn a bit about me

fun, sporty, kind
Brother of Lily
Son of John and Steph
Lover of Lego, Movies, Planes
Who fears wasps, darkness
Who needs pets, mum ,dad
Who wishes for more games time  
Who would like to see London
Who gives letters, kindness, presents
Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

work shop prove it

Hi guys here's some tips to help you learn my first one is right here.

I learnt how to join sentences with a conjunction.

Here is an example:Yesterday me and tom went to the park.We bought ice cream . Instead of that use this.Yesterday me and tom went to park and bought Ice cream.   

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

tall tale

Hi guys cheek out my tall tale

One beautiful day  i was playing on the conwool parke on the net thing, when i wasn't watching i stept in a  hole, then bonked my head on the roip that i was going to step on, then I bonked my head on the rop that i was stepping on. then smashed into the grand. I got a big graz but then I clomid backup but  just then Darth Vader was right behind me and nearly chopped my legs off luckily I had  a light saber  and we deold and I won and kept on playing.    

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Hi guys check  out my iProud i  am a proud  cos  it because i did lots of work for it.

My Best Learning

This is my...favorite book  

I am proud of this because... I strived to complete it and after a while I completed it.

My biggest challenge was... starting it because I had no ideas and it was frustrating because I never had any things in mind.

My Fave Book Template   Google Drawings.png