Thursday, 8 December 2016

minecraft story part 2

Hi guys to day i will show you my minecraft  story part 2  here it is

OK now that we have a house let's start finding a mine I say . mac says we need some tools. O  year I say I forgot let's create a stone pickaxe and sword. Hmmmm says Alex were going to need more stone and … food  interrupts Joe just as Joe's tummy rumbles looks like that pig is ow first victim I say.

How we don’t have a sword says Joe. I will need too yous my pickaxe I say  10 seconds later  the pore pig had died .now I say can we go get some stone. OK said Joe but were is stone. Alex says by the look of things the only stone around here is over at that mountain. quite soon they did'int find a mountain but they did find a creeper run for it I shout it didint take that long to l later we lost the creeper .

That did'int hop now we are at home said mac. that is good I say because now I no a sort cut
let talk in the house it is nearly night says . OK I say then of all suddenly when I was working to the door a arrow hit me in the back ouch I say . I look behind me and see a skeleton shooting at me .Just as another arrow was about to hit me I ran inside .

The next day we start getting ready for the long journey 1 minute later where ready for the journey to the mountain. lets go says mac as we run I notice some coll. guys I shout hes some coll and a small hill of stone lets get mining says mac . while I was mining I notice a purple thing in the air guys I say I think I see a Enderman then lets get out of here !!!!

to be continued.


  1. grate post.I like minecraft to.I cant wait to see what happens :)

    1. thacks mac but i wont be abell to show you anther minecraft story for a while because i asdentley dletid minecraft story part 3