Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Comment warning!

Hi guys.
Just recently,  I've been struggling to get comments.
I would love it if you could comment on my blog. That is all  for you today.
Please comment!


  1. Good point, Finley. Blogs deserve comments and your blog is great. Love your "Pretty Please" picture!

  2. Your blog is awesome it looks like you have been working hard! And I love the Pretty please photo. Also I love your Tall tale writing good job finley.

  3. Your blog is very cool Finley! I agree, we should have lots of comments! Very good blog post!
    The "pretty please" picture is very cute!
    Well done!

  4. that pretty please perisher will never stop me laughing.

  5. Finley I think this post is awesome! Everyone is so busy blogging they forget to leave comments. The 'Pretty Please' picture is so cute. Also I am agreeing with you we all need to comment on each other blogs.

  6. grate post.I think your idea for geting coments is grate,and it is working

  7. That a bit sad
    It is really cool that you thourt of that

  8. I agree with you I love love love your post it is so so so so cool

  9. Good point Finley your blog is great
    love the "pretty please" piture well done on prouducing a
    great blog
    Kai Pai!!! :D